Making university hospital technology and facilities more accessible

Making university hospital technology and facilities more accessible

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Dentists proficient in English and Chinese are available.

Cutting-Edge Technology by Dental University Hospitals

Peace of mind and trust unique to university hospitals

State-of-the-Art Equipment by Dental University Hospitals

Providing specialized dental technology that Matsumoto Dental University is proud of
Matsumoto Dental University Hospital has been dedicated to improving the safety of dental implants and advancing expertise in various specialized fields over the years.
A new clinic has been established where you can easily access the “expertise” and “facilities” unique to a university hospital.

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Dental implant treatments

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Superintendent’s message

Matsumoto Dental University Ginza Clinic is a special place that maximizes the advantage of being a medical clinic operated by a university.
We provide safe and reliable dental care.
This is an entirely new type of dental clinic that ensures convenience without making you feel the daunting presence of the university hospital.
We want to be a bridge between dental clinics and university hospitals.

Matsumoto Dental University Professor
Ginza Clinic superintendent
Yajima Yasutomo

Access / Map

If you use JR Line

It will be 4 minutes walk from JR Shimbashi Station.

If you use Tokyo Metro Line

It will be 3 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Shimbashi Station.

Check here for the detail of the access methods from the station.

Access details

Medical information

Matsumoto Dental University Ginza Clinic
8-9-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Hulic&NEW GINZA8 9F
Phone: +81-3-6264-5528
10:00 〜 13:00 14:00 〜 18:00

10:00 ~ 13:00
14:00 ~ 18:00

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Matsumoto Dental University Hospital
Matsumoto Dental University

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